Welcome back. Let’s focus on tending to your inner garden, even if it’s no longer the best one in the neighborhood. Please look at this image and tell me what you see.

What a Knicks fan sees

It’s Jimmy Swollen, the idiot son of Charles “Moneybags” Swollen. Ol’ Moneybags — he looked just like the Monopoly guy — bought our town arcade and let Jimmy run it like a plaything! But Jimmy was 15! And dopey! By the time he was done with it, there was nothing left except two Dig Dugs and a busted-up Qbert, and nobody went there anymore. God, I hate Jimmy Swollen.

What the rest of the NBA sees

That’s the logo for Mr. Bunderful’s hot dog shop! The owner always kicked people out and called them drunks. Then some hippie started parking his cart, the Weenie Wagon, nearby. The owner scoffed, but Weenie Wagon ended up hiring all of his people and Bunderful’s was done. Guess that’s what happens when businesses get bloated, and cocky, and poorly run, and …

* For maximum MSG drama, keep an eye on the Knicks when camp opens at the end of September.

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